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Bovine Exclusive Song Stream: “Thank Fuck I Ain’t You”


The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire
So, here’s a little something different.

It isn’t black metal, and it isn’t death metal.

Bovine are a Birmingham-based sludge-soaked ghetto rock act, who have an album coming out April 12 called The Sun Never Sets On The British Empire.

So, why should you listen to the exclusive song stream at the end of this post? Because this song is fucking tighter than a nun, and should get your blood flowing if you dig bands like Clutch, Kyuss, Baroness, Queens of the Stone Age, and even Quicksand.

The song is called “Thank Fuck I Ain’t You” and Bovine’s album will be released by FDA Rekotz.

A press release claims “the U.K. band’s tuneful and, at times, space-proggish approach to songwriting will make the experience as enjoyable as it is bone-rattling.”

I would have to agree. 

This is music with balls. Sure, there’s no screaming, no gargled bellowing, and no talk of dismembered bodies being molested with garden tools. But it’s music that rocks, and will grab you by the nuts and make you submit.

Check it out. If you think I’m wrong, you can tell me that.