The Four Seasons - Brandon Andrus, Brad Weinstock, Jason Kappus, Colby Foytik (photo by Joan Marcus).jpg
The Four Seasons - Brandon Andrus, Brad Weinstock, Jason Kappus, Colby Foytik (photo by Joan Marcus)

Local boy comes home on Broadway tour….and brings the house down as the lead role of Bob Gaudio in the biographical tuner, Jersey Boys. In fact, Jason Kappus is one of the best parts of the show, with his aw-shucks good looks, warm voice and keep-to-himself character.

This is a real feel-good show about the formation and success of The Four Seasons, and then the breaking out of Frankie Valli as the headliner. It’s told narration style, as various characters give their version of their back stories.

At first, they were the original Jersey punks, more ready to get in trouble than get in the studio. But with great voices and a lot of luck, they were able to persist until the unique multi-octave quality of Frankie’s voice got them the attention that led to stardom.

Once Bob Gaudio joined the team and he began to crank out hit after hit, their world-wide success was assured. But even success was not all roses and fairytales. Tommy DeVito almost ruined them financially, and Frankie’s daughter died way too soon.

Still, you’ll hear terrific recreations of their hits, including Sherry, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like a Man, and My Eyes Adored You. The touring cast has great voices, enthusiastic dancers, quick set changes, and a fantastic brass section, which you get to see onstage. You brass guys…take a BIG bow!

The show runs at the 5th Avenue Theatre through May 4th. For information on where the touring company is going next, click on and see if your city is on the list.

Community Theater review: “Jersey Boys” rocks the house (with home-town returnee Jason Kappus)