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Author Butthurt Type O Negative Won’t Help With His Book


That's bananas
Jeff Wagner is pissed.

The author of “Mean Deviation: Four Decades Of Progressive Heavy Metal” and former Metal Maniacs editor is pulling together a book on Peter Steele and Type O Negative.

He’s got one problem. The band’s surviving members want nothing to do with it. And he’s fucking pissed.

“I’m disappointed in the recent decision of the surviving Type O Negative members to not cooperate in the telling of [the late Peter Steele’s] story,” he writes online.

“Between January and April, I established contact several times with each of them. Despite e-mails and phone conversations which were cordial and, I thought, positive, they have made this decision for reasons still unclear.”

It reminds me of when asshole face decided he didn’t want to write his column anymore, because this site covers all metal…and not just bands with demos you can only purchase via Italian eBay.

“On the upside, more than 40 people have participated and shared thoughts, emotions and recollections for this project,” he writes. “This includes people verifiably close to Peter — family, close friends, music industry figures, members of Fallout, Carnivore and session musicians for Type O Negative. This book is being written in tribute to Peter and it is going forward at full steam.”

But dude…no one will care if the Type O guys have written you off. Trust me.

“Josh, Kenny and Johnny,” he writes, “have my contact information. The door is always open for them to take part, albeit prior to its release, currently scheduled for October 31st.

“I’d like to believe Peter is having a good laugh at all of us right now.”