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Report: 15-Year-Old Hung Himself After Listening To Death Metal


Truman Edley
This is a truly sad story. In fact, it’s always sad when someone resorts to suicide.

Sure…some of you may make the argument that this is just Darwinism in motion. But kids hanging themselves…I can’t get behind that. I can not support that, and I can’t poke fun at that.

Truman Edley, 15, hung himself in the hallway of his family’s home in Rotherham, according to reports.

He killed himself after listening to the “violent death metal music,” because the two are connected, right?

I love the lamestream media…the kid likes metal and kills himself, so obviously, A led to B.

The coroner is refusing to name the band or the lyrics, for fear of others listening and immediately hanging themselves too, says a report.

“His self-esteem was low,” says his mum. “He didn’t like himself or the way he looked very much. On the outside he showed a lot of confidence, but on the inside he was a lot more sensitive.”

Maybe that had something to do with it.

Said the coroner, Fred Curtis: “I’m not going to read the lyrics out, all I will say about them is they are extremely dark in content. They certainly deal with dark matters and, in some respects, seem to glorify death to some degree. It’s also the view of the police officers in this case and Truman’s mother who, not surprisingly, was unaware of the content until after his death.”

Blame metal. It’s the thing to do.

Hanging is not pretty. From what I understand, your tongue — which stretches down into your stomach — comes practically completely out of your mouth.