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Sacred Mother Tongue Exclusive Song Stream: “The City Is Crying”


Sacred Mother Tongue
Want to hear something that’d remind you of Tool if they were edgier yet just slightly more commercially appealing?

Not that Tool doesn’t have commercial appeal, but Sacred Mother Tongue, to my ears, have more.

If you like driving hard rock and prefer clean vocals to screams, then you’re in for a fucking treat.

Today, we are streaming an exclusive cut from the band’s new album, Out of the Darkness. The disc is in stores now through The End.

The new album is turbo-charged, and surges forth from the speakers to heavy metal effect. The guitars in this song had me particularly giddy, but really, all the instrumentation is tight and by the end of this tune, you’re going to be thinking, “Well, while I wait for Tool to take another ten years on their album, at least I have Sacred Mother Tongue.

The following song, like the band’s new album, was produced by Scott Atkins, who has worked with the likes of Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, and Sylosis.

Listen and love, folks.