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The Resistance Exclusive Song Stream: “To The Death”


Today is better than yesterday, and ten times better than Saturday. Today, we debut new music for you, from a band called The Resistance.

Unfamiliar, you say? Not for long. The Resistance, formed in 2011, are an extreme metal band featuring some of Scandinavia’s most esteemed musicians.

The Resistance boasts In Flames founder (and main songwriter, until his departure in 2010) Jesper Strömblad on guitar alongside second guitarist Glenn Ljungström (also formerly of In Flames), vocalist Marco Aro (ex-The Haunted, Facedown) and drummer Chris Barkensjö (ex-Kaamos, ex-Repugnant).

The song at the end of this post, “To The Death,” comes from the band’s full-length debut, Scars.

The ravaging 12-track follow-up to last year’s Rise From Treason teaser EP is an old-school death metal flashback set to hit stores May 14 in North America through Armoury Records.

“If you listen to Entombed’s Left Hand Path today, it still blows everything away. And it’s over 20-years-old,” says Strömblad, who calls the debut disc “just awesome death metal!”

Fair enough. The song is short, but fuck, does it fire on all cylinders and just fucking crush.

If you can not appreciate this, I feel bad for you.