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Suicide Silence Do NOT Have A New Singer


Suicide Silence
Contrary to some rumors that have been spreading across the ether like your mom did back when she was in high school.

That’s right — your mom got around. So what? So have I. No shame in that.

Those of you who were excited to hear the band would be revived with a new frontman, you can take those dreams and hopes, liquor ’em up, and send ’em off on a motorbike because it ain’t happening.

Rumor had it, according to Lambgoat, ex-Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover was the band’s new singer.

But he has taken to Twitter to deny that speculation.

Truth is, Suicide Silence was largely Mitch Lucker, who is gone.

He’s the only name you know from that band. I think they may have a drummer named Jose, but that’s because he’s boning some chick in Eyes Set To Kill, and I’m jealous.

Suicide Silence should stay silent, and maybe in ten years, do some sort of reunion show with a new singer. And donate some of the proceeds to Sweet Relief.