Not for the squeamish.

I want
Now this is a memorial T-shirt I’d actually wear.

Not like the neon ones people have made up at the mall for the young gangbangers in their lives. Those pieces of shit are fucking reprehensible.

Yes, folks. Slayer has no guitarist at the moment, now that Jeff Hanneman’s dead.

He died May 2, and not even a month later, we’ve got these awesome tees to purchase.

The shirt pictured in this post is called “South Of Hanneman,” and will soon be available.

Proceeds from the shirt will go to “whatever Jeff Hanneman would have wanted.”

Uhm, that’s not very specific.

I have a feeling Hanneman wouldn’t have wanted the money going into shirt makers’ accounts.

  • Mike

    I’ve seen a shitload of Hanneman shirts all over the web, and this one is the worst so far. Now…it would be nice to see any proceeds going somewhere else aside from the pockets of whatever, or whoever, but we all know that will not happen. But in all honesty, I am glad that all kinds of Hanneman tribute shirts are being made, just for the wearer to show off some respect for one of the founders of the band that totally defines “METAL”! But, to add one more thing; the people who went to the Hanneman memorial, just to get the shirt, and then turn around and sell it on eBay for hundreds of dollars, well, I personally would like to curb-stomp those pieces of shit.
    R.I.P. Hanneman, you and Slayer have, and always will be a staple in my life. Going on 25 years.