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Falling In Reverse Drop Off Tour As Baby Set To Drop Out Of Model Fotch


How is it that Ronnie Radke's with this gorgeous creature
I am sorry if that headline is offensive to you. I am sorry that you take life so fucking seriously, and can’t spot humor when it’s right in front of your ugly mug.

Yes, folks — I was sent a video by an associate today, to a Falling In Reverse video. This associate implored I jot down my thoughts on the video…to a song whose name I can’t remember, because I couldn’t even get through a quarter of it without that gag reflex kicking in.

Fuck, man. This world is pretty doomed if this is what the kids are listening to.

Anyways, this douche nozzle lead singer, named Ronnie “Bath Salts” Radke, has a model girlfriend (pictured) with what I am guessing is macular degeneration coupled with sensorineural hearing loss, and he put a baby in her tummy.

I would have put one on her tummy, so to speak, but…that’s me. Babies don’t go on faces, people.

His broad’s about to pop, and so, his shitty, meaningless, talent-lacking band of miscreants has backed out of yet another tour…this time, Warped Tour.

Which will feature Black Dahlia Murder — something I still can’t believe.

“Falling In Reverse are withdrawing from performing on this summer’s Warped Tour,” the band says. “Lead singer Ronnie Radke’s fiancée is pregnant with their first child who is due shortly. Radke has made the decision that it’s important to be home with his newborn this summer. The band offers sincere apologies to all of their fans who purchased tickets.”

I hope that model chick has half a brain. Otherwise, that kid’s as doomed as Juggalo offspring. Because that kid’s dad’s a fucking mongoloid.