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Panzerchrist Exclusive Song Stream: “The 7th Offensive”


The 7th Offensive
This, my friends, is how you end a fucking week!

Today, we bring you the title track from the forthcoming album by Danish death metal mercenaries Panzerchrist.

Called The 7th Offensive, the album is Panzerchrist’s seventh release, and will be available for purchase starting July 15.

Listenable is releasing the bastard.

Panzerchrist is a band I’ve been following for several years now and I am thrilled to be able to bring you fine folks this exclusive taste of new music.

The fucking impressive guitar work and bombastic drum pummeling in this track will have you banging that empty head of yours so hard, you’ll pull a muscle in that third chin.

The 7th Offensive was tracked in three different studios, and retains the violence and über-brutality the band’s become known for.

The entire album is top notch, in my opinion, and shows off the mastery of a band whose members know their instruments inside and out.

This is not music to make love to. Unless you’re into whips and shit. This is a war anthem, people. Enjoy it.