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Neurotic November Sign With Victory Records


Neurotic November

They’re from Miami, and they’re called Neurotic November.

Need I say more. I need.

The band’s just inked a deal with Victory Records, and from what I can tell, they’re one of these shtick-core bands who sell florescent shirts.

The band will be releasing a new album this fall, thanks to the new deal.

You can hear a track from the band at the end of this post.

As you’ll hear, they’re garbage. I mean, that singer…I could belch like that. Just indiscriminate barking. Fuck, Caninus is better than this band.

A presser describes them as “a six-piece band with breaks that will move you, melodies that will swell in your head for hours, and whose members are as diverse as its sound.”

Diverse? That’s the card we’re playing, huh? I know of a ton of bands whose members are “diverse,” but none of them would dare call attention to it.

Listen. Then comment below, and tell me how mad you are I made you aware of this group’s existence.

Who where’s an “I Love HIV” shirt?