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Five Finger Death Punch Side Projects Coming


Five Finger Death Punch
That’s just what we fucking need.

After the impending release of Five Finger Death Punch’s double album and the touring cycle that’ll come with it, the members of the band will take some time away from each other (a lá Disturbed) and will embark on side projects.

As if Fish Fisted Poop Munch isn’t bad enough, we need offshoots?

According to Chicken Finger Douche Lunch frontman Ivan Moody, he’s already started writing material for it.

“I’m actually going to do a side project after this next album cycle,” Moody says. “I’ve already got a few guys on the line that I’m really proud to say I’m gonna work alongside with.

“I talked to the guys (in the band) and after doing five records like this, it’s time to take a little bit of space from each other and that way, when we come back to do the next album, it’ll be fresh to us again,” he adds. “I’m definitely looking forward to do this side project.”

I wonder what Zoltan will do during the break, beyond tell fortunes at the carnival.