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Anderson Cooper: Not Metal


Anderson Cooper throws the horns
Solid journalist? Yes.

Nice, cordial dude I met once at a dual CNN/MTV event? Absolutely.

Kvlt? Not one iota.

But the other night, before signing off from his show, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper featured a song, named after him, written by an alleged “metal” band that sounds more punk or hardcore.

The “RidicuList” segment where Anderson throws the horns and pretends to be metal, which all the blogs posted the other day as cool but it’s actually quite lame, at the end of this post.

“Like ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘Tiny Dancer’ before me, I, Anderson Cooper, am now the subject of a soulful ballad,” the CNN host revealed. “The name of the song? Well, it’s called ‘Anderson Cooper,” which, let’s be honest, has a certain understated charm, much like myself, if I do say so myself. But the band’s name is Cryptic Murmurs, and I think the song really captures my easy-going essence.”

He added: “Eat your heart out, Metallica, take note, Wolf Blitzer, because I shall henceforth be known as Anderson Cooper, CNN cyborg,” Cooper said on Thursday. “I’m not quite sure that is a compliment, but let’s face it, I’ve been called worse.”

The song’s lyrics refer to Cooper as a “CNN cyborg.” Hence…yeah.