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Behemoth, Hour Of Penance To Tour Australia


You know what’s the best?

Applying for jobs, and never, ever fucking hearing back.

No email to let you know you were considered, and passed over. No acknowledgement they’ve received your resume.

Yes, I have a job. This site is not my job — it is my hobby, if anything. But while I am employed, I do still apply for other jobs because, well…I need that money, son.

This has nothing to do with Behemoth, but read on, jerk.

What’s better than all of the above, you ask? Better than never hearing back about the job you applied for? Finding out through Facebook that someone you know landed one of the jobs you never, ever even got considered for.

That’s fucking rad.

Sorry…needed to vent there.

I think it’s also rad that Behemoth and Hour of Penance will be touring Australia in October.
You Aussies better get pumped.

10/24: Perth, Australia @ Capitol
10/25: Melbourne, Australia @ The Esplanade Hotel
10/26: Sydney, Australia @ The Manning Bar
10/27: Brisbane, Australia @ The Hifi
10/29: Auckland, New Zealand @ Kings Arms