I caught Ghost over the weekend at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and it was a stellar show.

Admittedly, I mostly went for Skeletonwitch, who played a new song off their forthcoming record that I nearly jizzed my pants during.

It didn’t help that someone was playing with my penis through my pants at the time.

Ghost, though, were tight, and I was impressed. Sure, they’re schticky at this point and slightly cheesy, but they destroyed the place and the crowd loved ‘em.

Joe Bosso of spoke with one of the band’s nameless ghouls and they talked about the band’s anonymity.

“I think that we’ve been able to sustain our thing so far because there hasn’t been that kind of level of interest in the band,” says the ghoul, when asked about Kiss and other bands that have gone to great lengths to keep their identities hidden.

“That will change, so it’s something of a paradox. To go further as a band doesn’t run parallel with being anonymous. I read an article in the paper the other day, this piece in which they compared bands that had anonymous members. It was everything from Slipknot to us to Daft Punk; there was The Resident and one act I didn’t even know about, and The Knife. It kind of ranked the level of fame to how anonymous we are, but they forgot to mention how popular everybody was in the context of present day. So this guy I didn’t even know about got full grades because he’s still anonymous, and I was like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’”

He added: “Obviously, he’s not very big, and not everybody knows who The Residents are, either. People know who Slipknot are because they’re a million-selling band. It doesn’t go hand in hand, though, the fame and the anonymity.”

Entertainment Ghost Member Talks Fame, Anonymity In New Interview