I am fucking beyond psyched that Emperor are back together, and I am even more psyched for the possibility of new music from the legendary black metal masters.

But I have to direct you folks to this interview I did with Ihsahn.

If you don’t know who Ihsahn is, slap yourself in the privates.

Last year, I spoke with the legend, and of course, had to ask Ihsahn about Emperor, and whether there would ever be any more reunion shows; the last happened in 2007, and Emperor’s final release, Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise, came out in 2001.

What did Ihsahn say? Take a guess.

“After 2007, that was really a final chapter for all of us,” Ihsahn admitted. “But there’s always some underlying pressure to do something. Usually, I just say plain ‘No.’ I can understand the nostalgia and all that. If I wanted to be as nostalgic as every one else, it wouldn’t make any sense for me to actually make any new music.”

Ihsahn said he had evolved, but didn’t rule out Emperor’s return entirely.

“People who are old-time Emperor fans still think I’m 17,” he said. ”I am in contact with the guys, and we talk almost weekly; they’re good friends. What can I say? Never say never. For the moment, I am so occupied with my own project — that’s my main priority.”

Ihsahn says he left Emperor because he wanted different things.

“I ended up doing most of that last Emperor record on my own. If we still did Emperor, and if it were up to me, what I do now… that’s what we would sound like.”

But the said there will be no new music from Emperor.

“Part of the reason why our albums keep on selling is probably because we were always an uncompromising band, and that is a tradition I would like to uphold,” Ihsahn says.

“If we did a new Emperor album, what kind of Emperor album would people like? I say listen to the stuff I do, and the stuff that Samoth does, and you can more or less figure out what a new Emperor record would sound like, and that sounds nothing like old Emperor. Trying to duplicate something from the past would just turn everything into a parody.

“Would anyone want a black metal album made just for the sake of making a lot of money?,” Ihsahn asks. “I get all of these requests to get back with Emperor. In the spirit of black metal, I do whatever the hell I want. That’s the whole point of black metal. If I even consider letting anyone else try to tell me what I should do with my music, that, by definition, would make it non-black metal…as I have learned it.”

Let’s hope he’d reversed his stance on a new album too. Although, he makes a point.

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