The skate park near Rob's house

The skate park near Rob's house
When Rob Zombie’s not rocking stages across the globe or making sub-par films, he lives in Connecticut, in a mansion in a small town called Woodbury.

Seems Rob’s stirring up some shit in Woodbury. Zombie, according to this report, is fighting his hometown to get rid of a skate park near his house. 

“The children of Woodbury petitioned and worked very hard to have a skate park created in Hollow Park of Woodbury,” the article claims.

“It passed the Zoning Commission last year and was constructed. Since then many children in town frequent the skate park and it has provided a fun, recreational, and safe place for them to play.”

Zombie’s house is allegedly located very close to this skate park and he isn’t happy with the noise the kids make whilst grinding and kickflipping.


Town officials in an e-mail (in which they refer to him as “Mr. Zombie,” which is pretty funny) confirm to the site that there have been complaints about the skate park and that Zombie has threatened legal action against the town.

What the fuck, man? The skate park is fucking tiny, dude. I’m not sure why Zombie would have such a problem with kids being kids. It’s not like he lives next to a California skate park, active all year round. He’s gotta deal with this noise maybe five months out of the year. And the dude’s on tour all summer! Rob…many fucking demerits, bra.

“The kids have seen the skate park hours dwindle over the last few months and many parents are now coming forward in outrage,” says the report. 

“Rob Zombie lives on 18 acres. 18 acres. He chose the land directly next to a public park — if you love making movies about killing people but hate children on skateboards, why would you buy a house next to a park? Was there not some land available next to a cemetery? I’m sure it would have been a lot more quiet there.”


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