Terminator Tim
Not lifted, just lightened.

Reports claim As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis, who is under house arrest for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill his wife, will be allowed to leave his abode for physical therapy sessions.

“Defendant Timothy Lambesis is currently on house arrest and due to the restrictions of his release cannot leave the house to seek medical attention for the neck injury from which he is currently suffering,” Lambesis’ private attorney, Thomas Warwick Jr., said in a statement asking a court to allow his client exceptions to his house arrest.

An order allowing him to attend physical therapy appointments was signed on August 2 by Superior Court Judge Kimberlee Lagotta.

Lambesis will be able to go to a therapist named Lanele Stafford at Coast Kinesiology in Del Mar as well as to an orthopedic group in La Jolla.

Lambesis’ criminal case continues September 16.

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