Jane's Addiction
What’s the fucking point?

Jane’s Addiction songs, in my estimation, are mellow enough to be played to infants just the way they are.

They don’t need to be reduced to their most basic form, just to appeal to tykes.

Clearly, the folks at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star and the members of Jane’s disagree.

Lullaby Versions Of Jane’s Addiction drops on August 20 on Roma Music Group.

Oddly, the effort boasts four newer Jane’s songs, and a Grateful Dead tune — “Ripple,” which Jane’s covered once.

The effort will also boast “Stop,” “Ocean Size,” “Three Days,” “I Would For You,” “Jane Says,” “Classic Girl,” and “Mountain Song,” of course.

An Alice In Chains lullaby album is also in the works.

Now, listen to a bastardized version of “Been Caught Stealin’” below.

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