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I thought there already was an AC/DC wine, but I guess I’m wrong.

There’s an AC/DC beer, and an AC/DC vodka, I think. Now, you can be a full-on alcoholic fan with a new shiraz named after the band.

Reports claim AC/DC Platinum Wine — a strictly limited addition to AC/DC’s wine portfolio that has been two years in the making — is due for release in September.

The one-off wine is a super-premium 2010 Barossa Valley Shiraz that has been matured in American oak barrels for two years and is presented in a gift box and bottled in Saver Glass from France, bound with a pewter neck band.

Sounds delectable.

“After the global launch of AC/DC The Wine in Australia, it’s very fitting that the heartland and point of origin for AC/DC is the market that has access to the extremely limited AC/DC Platinum,” said Francis Fusca, executive director of sales and marketing at Australia’s Warburn Estate.

“To put together something like this — the rarity, the collectability and the never seen before packaging — has been a labour of love for everyone involved,” says a press release.

“AC/DC Platinum is definitely at the forefront of wine packaging in this country. The hardest part is for the fans who will miss out — this product could be considered one of the rarest memorabilia seen out of the AC/DC stable.”

I was right, because AC/DC The Wine came out two years ago — but only in Australia, where more than 6,000 cases within the first week after its release.

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