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Sales For Chimaira’s New One Not Shabby


Crown of Phantoms
Not too shabby at all.

In this day and age, where every album leaks and is shared between friends, it’s a feat for any band to crack into Billboard’s Top 200 anymore.

Unless you’re Five Flaming Dude Plunge, whose album debuts this week at #2. Because lots of people have no taste.

Crown of Phantoms, the new album from Chimaira, sold about 7,400 copies, which was good enough to earn the band the #52 position on the chart.

Revocation’s new album came out this week. Just FYI. It’d be nice to see their self-released latest do similar sales.

The chart position is the band’s third-highest, following 2009’s The Infection (which debuted at #30) and 2006’s Resurrection, which opened at #42.

The band’s last album, 2011’s The Age of Hell, debuted on the chart at #54.