Greg Ginn
Greg Ginn lost several punk rock points recently, when he decided to sue the members of Flag for using the Black Flag logo on their current tour.

The suit claims Flag — Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Chuck Dukowski and Bill Stevenson — are infringing on the Black Flag name.

Flag, says the suit, are “a colorable imitation” that’s “likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception among consumers” who want to see Ginn’s version of Black Flag.

The suit also names Henry Rollins, who, so far as a I know, has nothing to do with either band.

“The dispute over Black Flag is not motivated by an effort to stop anyone from covering Black Flag songs. Quite to the contrary. this dispute began when Henry Garfield (Rollins) and Keith Morris made an effort to hijack the name — and the logo — for their own use,” Ginn writes online.

“Behind everyone’s back, in September 2012, Garfield and Morris filed fraudulent trademark applications in which they are claiming to own the name and the logo. Had we not taken action, this pair could have snuck these false applications through the Trademark Office, enabling them to stop Black Flag from playing and gaining exclusive use of the name and logo for themselves.

Ginn says “we are also trying to stop Morris and the others in his band from using the name and the logo in a misleading way, and from selling bootleg items.”

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