Those of you attending the Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic this weekend will witness something different when Borknagar take the stage.

Filling in for Borknagar’s singer Andreas “Vintersorg” Hedlund will be Pål Mathiesen (a.k.a. Athera) of Susperia.

“A huge thank you to Athera for stepping in for me at Brutal Assault,” says Vintersong in an update.

“I have been prevented from going due to work-related issues, but I wish all the best to the guys on Saturday!”

Work-related issues? I guess his real job would’t give him time off.

“This is, of course, not a sign of me leaving the band (I’m already working on the vocal lines for new songs) and the ship of Borknagar will set sails even if one member is out.”

Entertainment Susperia’s Athera Filling In For Borknagar’s Vintersong