Design The Skyline

Design The Skyline

I’m sorry, but yes…there was, in fact, a band that existed called Design the Skyline, and lucky for us, they’ve got the good sense to know they suck and should not play music anymore.

“Due to various reasons including member changes and musical differences, Design The Skyline has decided to go on a indefinite hiatus,” says the band.

“Some members will be passionately pursuing new projects TBA soon,” a statement says. Great.

That’s what happens when shitty bands break up…they end up splintering off into shit side projects.

“Design The Skyline would like to thank all of their fans for the fun that has been.”

Has been? I’d call them a never-was, but that’s just me.

At least one person’s gotta care about this, right?

Well, this post is for you, loser.

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