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Former Drummer Claims He Doesn’t Listen To New Korn


David Silveria
He’s like the rest of us, I guess. And he doesn’t approve of their new direction.

Hell, I never approved of Korn’s sound. At least not after the 1990s.

But yes, former Korn drummer David Silveria says the band’s new shit is “not funky and groovy” like the earlier material the band churned out. I read about it over on the new-look Blabbermouth. Great design, dudes.

Asked by fans on his Facebook page if he has heard the new single “Never Never,” which sounds like an electronic turd, Silveria replied: “For all the fans asking, the answer is no, I have not heard a new Korn song. All I can say is I’m sure it’s not funky and groovy like the original Korn. I don’t even need to hear it to know that.”

Oh sure.

I don’t buy for a second that this dude hasn’t heard the new Korn song.

This guy’s gotta have Google news alerts for Korn.

He’s gotta keep tabs on his old band, right? What are the odds he hasn’t heard the new Korn stuff?

You think your fans are dumb, don’t you Dave?