The Man-Eating Tree

The Man-Eating Tree
That’s right.

The Man-Eating Tree, which always makes me think of “Poltergeist,” has lost some branches.

The band featuring former Sentenced drummer Vesa Ranta released a statement on the moves.

“Our band has been working on a material for the third record for over a year now, with some very promising results,” says a statement from the band.

“A few months ago, we went through all the material we’d already come up with and decided which songs we would continue with and would probably end up on the next The Man-Eating Tree record.

“At the end of August we’re about to enter the studio. We’re excited and certain that once again we’ve found some new elements to enrich our music. In the studio we have also some new things going on, this time we’ll be working with the producer/musician Aksu Hanttu.

“Describing our own music is always difficult, but you could say that our basic sound is getting somewhat heavier and more somber, but you still definitely recognize the old The Man-Eating Tree sound. Our new singer, Antti Kumpulainen, brings some new nuances to our sound. With him we’ve done more demo recordings than ever before.”

Says Kumpulainen in his own statement: “I knew that my longtime friend Janne had this new band and I’d heard both Vine and Harvest and really liked the atmosphere there was. But what I didn’t know was that The Man-Eating Tree were looking for a new singer. So after a brief discussion with the members of the band, it became very clear that I wanted to be a part of [it].”

Keyboardist Heidi Määttä has also left to pursue other things.

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