I mean, did you see those fucking pants?!?

Ian Watkins
Dude, stop watching him.

Throw him a shoelace and a razor blade, and let him have at it. Give him some options.

Reports claim Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins has been placed on suicide watch “five times an hour” while incarcerated, awaiting trial on charges he’s basically a deranged pervert.

He stands accused of 24 sex offenses, including two counts of raping an infant and one of possession of bestiality porn.

Ian claims he’s innocent.

Watkins appeared in court via video-link this morning where his attorney Sally O’Neill argued that he should be transferred out of prison to a psychiatric facility.

Meanwhile, one of the two unnamed women arrested with Watkins continues to deny all charges.

But the other has apparently admitted to sexually touching a child and taking and distributing images of it. She’ll likely help prosecutors put Watkins away.

The trio will remain in custody with their next hearing set for October 14.

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