This is a bummer and a fucking half.

Jason Rosenthal, the singer and guitarist for erstwhile Long Island post-hardcore outfit On The Might Of Princes, died Monday night.

He was a young dude, too. Not sure how young, but based on that picture, he doesn’t look old.

“It is with insane sadness that I have to write and say that Jason Rosenthal, singer [and] guitarist for On the Might of Princes, passed away last night,” bandmate Tom Orza wrote yesterday.

“I don’t know what to say. Of course he and I have had many differences, but at the heart of what we did and what we shared, is an overwhelming amount of passion for the beauty and struggle of a long on/off friendship and trying to keep a sinking musical ship afloat.

“He gave so much of himself through his music, and touched so many hearts… helping us along through our hardships and loves,” writes Tom.

“I’m not going to post any particular song right now, but encourage you to find the song that hit with you the most, and blast the fucking shit out of it. Goodbyes like this are not good, but the flame unique people like him leave behind will warm us until we join him somewhere. Be strong and hug the people you love everyday.”

Please…no speculation on what may have happened here.

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