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Readers’ Bands: Ilmasai Specialize In Nastiness

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Listening to Ilmasai, it’s hard to believe it’s just a two-man band.

The music sounds too complicated to be handled by just two sets of hands, is all I am saying.

We heard from Raf Gallagher — a member of the band and a dude who entered our writer’s contest last summer and should enter again this year — who wrote to let us know about Ilmasai.

My band Ilmasai just uploaded our first album to Bandcamp,” says Raf.

“We are willing to be torn to shreds in the Readers’ Bands column. Hopefully you dig us, though,” he adds.

Ilmasai’s album, Serpents in the Jordan, “is grindy thrash with a splash of noise thrown in. My greatest fear is that it’s not djent enough.”


“May your enemies die horrible slow deaths,” Raf ends his email to us.

Described as “a pair of young heathens that like to evoke the darker emotions and tell stories through sonic assault,” Ilmasai craft delicious noise that you will likely appreciate.

Check them out now and let us know what you think.