And that’s it.

That’s what Anthrax now looks like. A bunch of old guys and a baby-faced kid, living the rock and roll dream.

Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais is the newest member of Anthrax. It’s official.

The band has released this photo, showing off the latest lineup.

Donais has been touring with Anthrax since Rob Caggiano jumped ship in January.

I’ve gotta say, Jon looks happy in that photo. Like a boyhood dream’s come true.

My question to you is, with the demands of Anthrax (especially considering fans are going to want a new album from this new look Anthrax), can Jon remain in Shadows Fall?

Does Shadows Fall now take a backseat to the ‘Thrax, kind of like Exodus has for Gary Holt?
Only time will tell.

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