Of Time And Chronic Disease
That’s right, people.

Montreal-based metal act Dissension have announced the upcoming release of their debut album, Of Time And Chronic Disease.

The record drops digitally worldwide on September 10 through Believe Digital. It will also be available on vinyl.

Dissension’s sound mixes thrash with elements of power and black metal.

Their debut was produced by Kevin Jardine of Uplift Productions and mastered by Ryan Morey.

“Having been a band for about six years, we have long anticipated the great day where we could let our music take flight upon the winds of the world,” says frontman Nathan Afilalo.

“With that in mind, Of Time And Chronic Disease is a summation of our music since it contains some of our very earliest songs to some of our latest. The album has to be taken as a whole, as the individual songs all represent a different facet of the whole that is our music. It’s like a hydra, the beast can only truly be slain if you remove all of its heads and immerse yourself in the dark pools of its blood.”

That’s a pretty sick album cover, dude.

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