God Forbid

God Forbid
God Forbid claim a group statement is coming, but in the meantime, the erstwhile band’s guitarist, Matt Wicklund, has commented on the band’s split.

“Hello everyone! As many of you have heard, God Forbid has broken up. It is a sad time for us and also a time of new beginnings. The past 4 years have been an amazing journey for me and I am forever thankful for the experiences I have gained and the the musical family that I was welcomed into,” he writes online.

“I have grown immensely from all of this as an artist and a person. I am very proud of the album Equilibrium that I got to write and record with the guys and I loved every minute I got to play all of the songs, new and old, on stages around the world for all of the wild and loyal GF fans,” he says.

“Thank you all again for the good times. . Cheers to all of you and to my brothers Doc Coyle, John Outcalt, Corey Pierce, and Byron Davis.

“New chapters are unfolding for all of us and I am taking all I’ve learned forward into a new and exciting musical adventure. Ghost Ship Octavius is now my main musical outlet and I would be honored to see all of you again and share this new journey with you all! Here’s to good memories and to amazing things yet to come!!!”

God Forbid broke up Friday. If you’re just learning this, good for you. In all likelihood, you spent the weekend away from a computer, perhaps on a quick getaway. Or maybe you were banging all weekend, and all the same, good for you.

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