Young Bruce Dickinson
Of course he is. I’d be surprised if Bruce Dickinson couldn’t walk through walls.

The pilot, entrepreneur and Iron Maiden singer will be the keynote speaker at the National Leadership Summit, which is set to take place October 22 at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland.

Learn more about the summit here.

Speaking of Ireland, this afternoon, I said so long to a good friend of mine.

On Thursday, she leaves for Ireland; she’s my ex, and surprisingly, ours was the first break-up I have had since high school that didn’t end with the chick absolutely hating my immortal soul.

For reasons I still don’t even think I fully comprehend, she just didn’t end up being the one for me.

My brain tells me she’s way too sweet a person for someone with as black a heart as mine. But she also took care of me better than anyone I’d been with before, and as I write these words, I’m thinking it’s a shame my feelings for her failed to remain as intense as they were in the very beginning.

Even though not a metalhead at first, I think I can say I imparted in her an appreciation for the heavier, darker side of music.

She was always supportive of this blog, and reads GSA every day, it seems. I just wanted to take this quick second to let her know that she will be missed.

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