This is the movie poster
I know all you fucks just can’t fucking wait to go see the fucking 3D movie from Metallica, called “Metallica Through The Never.”

Well, go to the Toronto International Film Festival.

Nimród Antal’s movie, featuring the ‘Tallica, will premiere there on Monday, September 9, at 7:30 p.m.

Says the band: “Now in its 38th year, Toronto International Film Festival is the most respected and prominent film festival in North America with many major films making their worldwide debuts there (last year’s festival brought in nearly 300 feature films from over 70 different countries!).

“‘Through The Never’ will screen in the special IMAX at TIFF section and we’ll be on hand for the red-carpet premiere, to introduce the film and will spend some time in Toronto to chat with the press.”

I can not wait to not buy a ticket for this film when it actually hits theaters in October.

I’d rather watch anal mites crawl into my dick hole.

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