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Integrity’s 1993 Lineup Playing A389 Gig


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A389 Records will celebrate its 10th anniversary this winter with a gig featuring Integrity’s 1993 lineup.

The A389 X Bash will take place on the weekend of January 17 through January 19, 2014, in Baltimore.
Integrity will headline.

The 1993 lineup boasts Dwid Hellion on vocals, Aaron Melnick on guitar, bassist Leon Melnick, guitarist Chris Smith and Mark Konopka playing drums.

This is the iconic lineup that wrote/recorded the band’s seminal Systems Overload LP, which was recently reissued by Organized Crime Records.

This will be the first time in 20 years the band’s appearing on stage together.

Says A389’s Domenic Romeo: “In the mid-’90s, Systems Overload was my introduction to Integrity, who instantly became my undisputed favorite hardcore band of all time. It’s an incredible honor to have the lineup who created that album reunite for one night and give all of us diehard fans of this day and age a once in a lifetime experience we’ll never forget.”

Integrity rule. That is all.