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Dark Funeral Reissues Coming


The Secrets of the Black Arts
Oh, right…and Dark Funeral are also looking for a new lead singer.

Could it be you?

If you speak Scandinavian and can howl like a banshee with a slit throat, maybe.

Century Media will be reissuing a bunch of old Dark Funeral release.

What’s coming in a new form? The self-titled MCD (plus bonus material), The Secrets Of The Black Arts (including the remixed/remastered eight-track Unisound mix as a bonus), and Vobiscum Satanas (with live tracks).

Look for those reissues to drop in Europe on September 9 and in North America fucking two months later.

What’s that shit all about? Why do we have to wait until November 12, Century Media?

The band says online: “Dark Funeral is currently looking for a permanent new vocalist — preferable from Scandinavia. Serious applications can be sent to!”

If you try out, let us know. We’d love to hear what that experience was like.