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Devin Townsend Now Available In Pop-Up Form


Most impressive
I think Devin Townsend is a regular renaissance man.

He’s so fucking creative and capable of such greatness, it’s often intimidating. I feel like a lazy fuck with him around.

Now, if I want, I can have a pop-up version of the dude, which I would keep around in my office so he’d stare at me…like, “Bro, do something. Stop being a lazy prick.”

The box set version of Devin’s new Retinal Circus release will be three-dimensional.

Available October 29 and limited to 500 copies, it comes with all kinds of radness.

“A 40 page-vinyl-sized book with other special goodies (such as a letter from Devin in an envelope, a ‘polaroid photo,’ a postcard and a mask with Devin’s face on it (which was distributed at the Retinal Circus show at the Roundhouse), a guitar pick and a signed and numbered lithograph), a lenticular cover, with Devin’s rolling eyes and his face in 3D.”

That’s fucking dope.

“The book comes in a die-cut box, including an LP-size pop-up of the Retinal Circus stage, as well as 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD.”

My birthday is this weekend. This would make an excellent gift. I am speaking now to those fans of mine who have money to burn.

In related news, Devin’s Ziltoid The Omniscient alter ego has his own radio show now.

This is, of course, pretty awesome