Cronian, the band formerly known as Ion, will return November 12 with a new album.

Cronian is the Norwegian/Swedish avant-garde metal side project of Borknagar members Øystein G. Brun and Andreas “Vintersorg” Hedlund.

Called Erathems, the album will be released through Season Of Mist’s Underground Activists division.

“I am so excited and honoured to join forces with Season Of Mist for future albums with Cronian!,” proclaimed Øystein in May after the signing.

“We have just finished up the third album and I don’t even slightly blush when arguing out loud that it is the very pinnacle of my fairly long musical career. Musically and production-wise, it almost feels like a leap up and into another division.

“Mr. V and I have been working intensely and fully isolated over the last six months with this bastard of an album and we firmly regard this as our most catchy, aggressive, atmospheric and darken flavoured effort to date.

“I am pretty sure this album will blow the socks off of all those who liked our previous releases, as well as fans of Borknagar, Vintersorg and likewise. So being able to work with one of the most credible, passionate and professional labels around makes my day — and make us proud! So excited to get this album out!”

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