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Five Finger Death Punch Releasing Second Disc In November


Fine Fecal Bagel Brunch
I am now so enamored with Lady Gaga’s ass that it’s literally been dancing around my head all day.

What a keister! I commented in an earlier post that while I didn’t and won’t watch the VMAs, I did see pictures and gifs of Gaga’s rump and I’ve gotta say…that shit’s impressive.

Anyways, I always thought I was a tit man. Now I am convinced I’m an ass and tits man.

So, now that’s out there. Ladies, feel free to hit me up.

This November, when I’ve long forgotten about the Lady Gaga’s haunches, the second volume of Five Finger Death Punch’s new foray into pop metal will be released.

I know the two are unrelated. I just wanted to direct you to that fine hind. I had an ass like that once. It was a smidgen bigger, and damn, was it glorious. To bad it was attached to a complete fucking bore.

Five Fingered Douche Punch will drop that duece (get it?) on November 19.

It’s, of course, called The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, but the second part.

Fuck those guys.