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Hirax Release New Album’s Art

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Immortal Legacy
They also have released the track listing for their impending album.

Yes, the California thrash legends known as Hirax have a new album coming called Immortal Legacy and that is the cover art.

The album will hit stores on October 22 (six days later in Europe) through SPV/Steamhammer.

“We recorded the new album with legendary producer Bill Metoyer,” says Hirax’s Katon W. De Pena.

‘This is our most epic-sounding record to date, sonically powerful and over the top. 14 new raging thrash metal songs that will make you bang your head!!!”

Philip Lawvere — who did the art for Kreator’s Pleasure To Kill and Celtic Frost’s Emperor’s Return — has designed the album cover.

Peep the track listing here.