Rex Brown
You know, some of us bloggers, we talk. And most of the time, we’re telling each other about some shit some label talked on them.

Well, usually its the bloggers telling me about such nonsense and frankly, I’ve had it.

I am going to start calling fuckers out for talking shit about GSA and for pulling ads. You just wait and see.

That brings me to Kill Devil Hill, a band that just signed with Century Media.

The group — boasting former Pantera member Rex Brown — will have their sophomore album released through the label this fall.

“It’s a real pleasure being on a label that feels like home,” says Rex.

“Since day one with Century Media, it’s been great knowing that they have the same mutual beliefs and goals that we do – to keep hard rock and metal alive and kicking, and to bring our music to as many fans as we can! These guys have the best track record around when it comes to hard rock and metal music, and it’s great to know that we’re on the same page and striving for the same things!”

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