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Angrenost Exclusive Song Stream: “Intravenus”


Planet Muscaria
If you like hateful black metal, get your ass to the end of this post.

There, you will find a new track from reactivated Portuguese black metal act Angrenost.

The song is called “Intravenus” and is part of an album — Planet Muscaria — a press release describes as “a genuine and desperate scream of venomous un-life, sucked into a very bad trip to the Gates of Hell and beyond.”

Damn. That sounds sweet!

The band originally formed in 1995 by two dudes, Pursan and Ainvar. An EP was tracked two years later, and “due to all kinds of extreme auto-destructive behaviors,” Pursan left the band in 1998.

Twelve years later, Pursan re-activated AngrenOst — this time without Ainvar and two new members: Erdsaf and E. 

Enjoy this shit, and tell me how much you love it in the comments section below.

Look for that disc to drop September 23.