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Gypsyhawk Want Your Money For New Van After Losing Member

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I'd be her friend
Regular readers know where I stand on crowd-funding, but in this case — especially since they kept a tour blog for us — I think I’ll give Gypsyhawk a pass.

The lads need a new van.

They’ve got 30 days to raise $15,000 for new wheels.

They need a van because the van they used to drive around in was owned by band guitarist Andrew Packer, who has left the band.

“We’re thankful for all of the good times we’ve had with Andrew, for all of the awesome tunes that we’ve written together, and for using his van for tours, but the party must go on,” says singer Eric Harris (no relation).

“So, with the help of our fans, we’ll find a new van, hit the road and make some new memories, so if the van’s rockin’ go ahead and start knockin’!”

Packer has since been replaced by Ben Robbins, formerly of Jameson.