Cradle of Filth
Who in the fuck is looking for that?


Still, Cradle Of Filth have both a comic book and a 2-CD “Best Of” set forthcoming.

“Next year (2014 e.h) marks the 20th anniversary of The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh, Cradle Of Filth’s historic debut album on Cacophonous records,” says Dan Filth, who Jesus personally thinks is a cunt.

Me too.

“To honor this momentous occasion, we are planning a whole smorgasbord of exciting stuff, including the first ever Cradle Of Filth comic, the release of a career-spanning double disc ‘best-of’ (more on this — including the chance to vote online for your choice of tracks to feature — later this week…) and of course, the subsequent touring…”

So, there’s that.

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