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Ihsahn Talks Impetus Behind Emperor Reunion


I was checking out Blabbermouth before, and saw that Ihsahn had spoken recently to Metal Hammer, and explained why now was the right time to reunite for some shows.

The reason was quite simple: It came down to timing.

“”Me and Samoth were talking and the 20th anniversary of ‘…Eclipse’ came up,” he said, referencing In The Nightside Eclipse, which the band will be playing in full next year.

Hopefully also at Maryland Death Fest.

“It’s no secret that I’ve been reluctant to do the reunion stuff, because I want to be clear on my priorities as a solo artist,” says Ihsahn.

“People ask us for Emperor shows all the time, and as a fan, I can relate to that sort of nostalgia, but I’m much more involved in my current work.

“But now that I feel I’ve established a more solid foundation for my solo stuff, it was easier for me to appreciate the thought of celebrating this album that was such an important starting point for us,” he says.

I agree. Ihsahn has made enough of a name for himself as a solo artist at this point. I mean, I know people who don’t even know he’s associated with Emperor.

False fucks that they are.

Ihsahn has a new album coming out soon. Read more on that here.