Crosses Sign With Sumerian Records


That’s unexpected.

But yes, Crosses (a.k.a. †††) have signed with Sumerian Records for the release of their forthcoming third EP.

Vocalist Chino Moreno — who also fronts Deftones — recently spoke on the band’s next release.

“Crosses has recorded a bunch of material and we have a third EP that’s ready to go,” Moreno says.

“We just signed a deal with Sumerian Records to release it. We’re thinking of putting it out in October and doing a couple shows around then.

“I’ve also been working with [Stolen Babies drummer] Gil Sharone, [Crosses member] Chuck Doom, and my buddy Todd [Wilkinson], who plays [guitar] in Team Sleep. We always hang out and make music.

“We all got together for the Guitar Center ’Drum Off’ that Gil did [in March 2013],” says Chino. “We wrote five or six tunes and played the gig. It’s all instrumental at this point. I just turned 40, and I’ve realized that I like having a regular output of music and doing it consistently, whether it ends up in record format or if it doesn’t come out at all.”

Added Moreno: “As much as I can do it now, creating music with other people is definitely fun. It’s my number one hobby. I’m not too much into video games or other things. I like to spend my time creating stuff with friends.”

Chino also said a new Palms record would likely happen, but that a new Team Sleep LP was probably not in the cards.

And new Deftones, he adds, is a long way out. So, that happened.

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