The Culling
So, are you one for the Brazilian metal?

If so, head to the end of this post.

There, you will find new music from Brazilian metal outfit Endrah.

We are streaming the band’s new album, in full, for your thirsty ears.

The Culling hit stores today, through Epochal Artist Records/Capitol Music Group.

The Culling is the act of selective depopulation of a group or herd. In this case, we are referring to a human mass depopulation attempt put in forth by globalist government powers to be,” says Endrah vocalist Relentless.

“This album is very in-depth with its lyrics and is meant to make people think. This is not Dungeons and Dragons. This is today, and the unfortunate world situation we as humans are dealing with. We are creating a global effort to join the revolution against the corrupted politicians and rulers of the world.”

Check out the record and let us know if you love it or loathe it.

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