Surgical Steel
I just downloaded the new Carcass record, and didn’t realize I could have done that weeks ago. But since yesterday, I have been rocking that shit like your mom’s ass.

Jeff Walker doesn’t believe the new album — Surgical Steel — is missing anything.

Not even Mike Amott.

“There’s not twin-guitar harmonies, but it’s there,” Walker says.

“Do I think there would have been any more melody? I don’t know, but the reality is, Mike is not on the album. I think, credit where credit is due, Mike definitely brought something to Necroticism and Heartwork, but with all due respect, he’s got a lot of mileage and credit if we were to analyze the situation, some of it would be quite unfair to Bill [Steer].

“Things are credited that are actually Bill’s at the end of the day,” Walker says.

He added: “There are a lot of leads that are on Heartwork that people assume are Mike, but it’s Bill. There’s one moment on the new album on ‘Granulating Dark Satanic Mills’ and Bill plays this lick and we’re like ‘Hmmmmm…’ Even Bill was like, ‘Uh, okay.’ Even after, when having a drink, he goes ‘Hang on, that’s like my lead from Heartwork.’ I think a lot of people are downloading music and not reading the credits. Like I said — I didn’t want to take anything away from Mike Amott and his contributions to Carcass, but I do think people have ran with it.”

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