Shot At Dawn
It’s moments like this that I am utterly ashamed to have a band’s members claim GSA fandom.

Shot At Down, self-professed “white trash metal,” are basically Skrillex crossed with Andrew W.K., but not even that good.

They hail from Norway. Usually, the argument can be made that, if it came from Norway, it’s gotta be good.

Shot At Dawn are the exception to that rule.

“Just like a serving of spareribs, Shot At Dawn makes you grin for hours after consuming some of their tasty metal,” says the band’s bio.

You can hear for yourself how shitty they are at the end of this post.

“Cause that’s what you get from this lively five-piece straight outta the Norwegian land of Norway. A huge grin on your face. And maybe a cheeky smirk. After a party of metal in your ears. Just like it should be.”

These dudes need to stop getting together and using instruments to make such horrid noise.

If the following actually appeals to you, do me a favor. Never visit this site again.

Shot At Dawn should be.

Entertainment Readers’ Bands: Shot At Dawn Need To Be Put Down