Xander Harrison

Xander Harrison
So, here’s the deal.

There’s an obvious winner of our second annual writer search, and that’s Xander Harrison. His entry netted more Facebook likes and more comments than the other two entries, and by a country fucking mile.

It’s good to see Xander win it, seeing as he came close to winning the first time we ran this contest. He’s a fervent metalhead who lives in Australia, and I look forward to reading his future posts and coverage of events down under.

So congratulations Xander.

But like last year, I feel another contender really proved himself worthy of joining the GunShy team.

That writer is Rafael Gallaher.

So, congrats to you too, Rafael. You guys both can write, and both have a voice that will fit right in here at GSA.

Both of you can email me, and we’ll take it from there.

Andy Boyle was my pick as the runner-up last year, and well, he’s been busy. I am hoping the next year features many interesting and engaging posts from both of these committed metalheads.

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